Gestuz - danish brand using recycled polyester


What is happening in the country south of Sweden? Since I started my journey to find the brands being on the forefront when it comes to sustainable fashion, many of the brands I found seemed to be danish. Are the danish consumers more aware? Well, their percentage of organic food sales is higher than Sweden but does that trend also apply for clothes? Or is it a part of the danish culture of Hygge to know where things come from and how they are produced? Who knows why, but I’m definitely going to introduce you to some brands who will increase your utility next time you visit Copenhagen.

Let’s get back to Gestuz. It was on a rainy day in Copenhagen me and my love passed by their store. What first hit me was the high percentage of really nice clothes I would love to wear. However, I remained sceptical since there was no evident communication regarding their CSR-work. I took out a few clothes items, stared at them and wished they where growing on plants in Denmark until i noticed the little text inside the skirt saying “recycled polyester”.

Yep, I had to do some research and found out that many of their polyester clothes was made from recycled plastic bottles. Further they have introduced organic cotton, all their leather comes from waste from the meat industry and the leather production also have high requirements of reduction in water waste where 60% of the water is recycled. They also ban fur and have strict criteria for the use of chemicals.

Well done Gestuz, I’m looking forward to see your CSR-work improving!