Kale 'Em with kindness - statement clothing for the plant based warrior


Photo: Plant Faced clothing and the last one my private

A year ago I visited the Vego-festival taking place in Stockholm. Among all the new plant-based food options, giving visitors a tasteful bite, a few clothing brands had taken some spots on the arena. Plant Faced clothing wasn’t that hard to spot since the people working there looked just as cool as the people on their commercials. What’s this black-and-white-statement-streetwear all about? The answer was short - it’s a non-cruelty free brand, 100 % ethically produced. And honestly, I didn’t do much more research then that. I loved the message and I felt I had to get a t-shirt telling all the animal protein believers to fuck off - So I did get one - with a statement praying to kale instead of Jesus christ. I instantly felt I was a part of the cool vegan german cult (even cooler when it’s german and if you’ve been to Berlin you know why).

What does cruelty free means? It means that they’re vegan - which means that no animal products are being used. Not even in the inc. It also means that they have chosen to use environmentally friendly material such as organic cotton, their prints are free from toxic chemicals and their products are fair trade certified. Read more about their sustainability standards and get their clothes from their web! Enjoy!