Rave Review - when up-cycling became high-end-fashion

Photo:  Rave Review

It was a good day for planet earth and the Swedish fashion industry when Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück in 2017 launched Rave Review. The high-end fashion brand have turned the remake culture into something for the luxurious consumer. There might be a few critics regarding the price tag of the spectacular clothes, designed and made in Sweden, but shouldn’t the question concern the price tag of the clothes not made of recycled and reused materials?

Regardless if Rave Review is inclusive or not, they don’t call themselves sustainable so why the critics? Further, if the status of reused material is not increasing how can we transform the business model of other fashion brands?

I would love to wear one of their coats and maybe one day when sustainability is considered as the valuable knowledge and method as it is, my dream, as a consultant, might come true.