Conscious brands for physical days

I believe we all can agree upon that the best thing you can do for the environment is to use the clothes that has already been produced. However, some of us might find it tricky when it comes to sportswear. Sportswear doesn’t really last long and for someone like me, that likes to sweat regularly, it’s important that the clothes are functional and comfortable.

If you feel desperate after searching at second hand and you don’t have anything to use at home, you can still make a more conscious choice when buying new clothes. Here are some of my recommendations. I know there’s plenty more brands out there but I will only recommend the ones I have tried myself.


Probably one of the most ethical fashion brands on the market. All of the clothes in the latest collection is made of material that has been recycled, are recyclable, biodegradable, reusable or Bluesign-certified. Their ambition is to make the production line of their clothes circular which means Houdini takes an holistic approach not only aiming for environmental friendly materials but are integrating sustainability when designing clothes. You can in other words also hand in your clothes since they want to take responsibility as producers. I feel confident about the ambitions of Houdini and they have been awarded for their efforts several times. Please read my other post here!

At Houdini you find the perfect outdoor gear but there’s also tights, tops, T-shirts, underwear and shorts to use at the gym for example! Visit their web shop here.


The company that has turned themselves into a name in the environmental movement for standing up for climate justice and conservation of nature, should walk their talk. Fair working conditions, empowering migrants workers, a chemical and environmental impact program, worn and wear initiative, chlorine-free wool, traceability, transparency and environmentally friendly materials. The list is long of Patagonia’s view on different sustainability dilemmas. All of their clothes might not have with the lowest ecological footprint, but they seem to have considered everything and are making huge efforts to become a hundred procent ethical brand.

There’s yoga wear, swimwear and a lot more. You can read about how each item has been produced and choose for yourself if these standards are good enough for you. Go to their web shop here.


The Swedish classical world famous brand has of course followed the conscious movement in Sweden where more and more consumers starts to demand sustainable choices. Fjällräven sustainability philosophy is to design clothes based on consumers needs, high quality, minimum waste and little use of different materials to make it easier to recycle their clothes in the future. They’re following guidelines regarding use of chemicals and has a list of the ones not being used. They’re aiming for sustainable materials such as Tencel, recyclable polyester and traceable wool.

I believe the reason to buy from Fjällräven is the life-long investment you’re making. Their clothes can be used for a very long time and has a good value on the second hand market. Visit their shop and you’ll find amazing clothes to wear next time you’re hiking.


Hello yogis, Pranas clothes are Fair Trade certified (different from Fairtrade) that for example guarantees a premium that goes back to the community of the workers. Their clothes are made of organic cotton, Tencel, hemp, recycled wool and they uses bluesign systems. For animal lovers they’re following Responsible Down Standards to protect ducks and to guarantee no animal cruelty.

Yoga, active wear, hiking, they got a little bit of everything, shop here.


Casall recently launched their Steamless collection made of 95 % recycled materials. Their more sustainable options are called Conscious Choice. This means that the clothes fulfil certain criteria’s such as being produced of recycled materials, use of non-harmful additives and/or that the production process is energy, water and/or waste effective. However, besides that statement it’s difficult to know exactly what that means and higher transparency would be good. They’ve done some efforts on chemical use, read here.

Bur for those who really want something new to wear at the gym, this could be a better option than many other sportbrands. You find Steamless clothes here!

Photo:  Casall

Photo: Casall

People Tree

Anyone into sustainable fashion and have done some research on conscious brands knows about People Tree, they’ve been around for a long time. Their products are Fair Trade certified and the cotton is Fairtrade certified (two different things). The cotton is also GOTS-certified, materials are following close-loop systems, they use biodegradable materials as much as possible, they promote traditional crafts and handmade textiles and protect water supplies. What’s lovely with People Tree is their focus on empowerment of workers. You can read about the factories and the workers which makes you pay more respect towards the people behind the clothes you buy. For the social responsible consumer, this is the brand for you.

This is where you get your active wear!


I’m not sure if I should write Adidas here or not, I think they’re to large as a company to be called sustainable and their business model is still linear. If you’re entering their website you get 15% discount if you sign up - and just that shows that Adidas haven’t done the homework. To encourage consumers to buy new is actually not to take responsibility, people need to consume less and make more conscious choices.

However they do have several products that are made out of Tencel, organic cotton (following Better Cotton Initiative), recycled polyester, recycled nylon, traceable leather and the clothes are PCV-free. They also have their own Workplace Standards with a long text on how they’re working with their supplies on the human rights of the workers. But still no third-part certification and no traceability of where the clothes are made. Still, Adidas seems to do more then others. Get their sustainability report here.

Find their collection made of ocean plastic here.

Regardless of what you choose to buy and from where make sure you really need and that you look after it! Look after your health and look after our planet and it’s people. Enjoy the run.