I’m wearing a GOTS-certified dress from Residus

I’m wearing a GOTS-certified dress from Residus

When I was a teenager I used to buy cheap clothes every week, then I learned about the social and environmental harm of the fashion industry. I felt that I had to choose between my look and my compassion for the world. I chose the world. I have ten years of experience of sustainability and every day I’m reading, learning and educating people as a consultant and the Head of Sustainability for a large humanitarian organisation. A sustainable world is my passion and a sustainable lifestyle, my way of being.

After many years abroad I decided to settle in Stockholm and my hippie nomadic lifestyle, which also resulted in a closet full of white bohemian shirts, not suitable for a winter in Stockholm, had come to an end and so had my closet.

I felt anxious and stressed about not knowing what to wear without causing harm. So I decided to learn not only about sustainability, but also about fashion - but mostly I got to know myself - Who am I? And how do I want to look?

In this blog you will learn about the sustainability issues related to the industry, innovations coming up, companies transforming their business models and where to get the most fashionable sustainable clothes.

But most of all, you will learn a new way of thinking and how to relate to clothes and your closet. Because the largest change that needs to happen is a change of our mindset - a view on clothes that will not only do better to the world but also for your everyday life.


  1. I only write about brands and clothes I personally like. Nothing is sponsored if not stated so clearly.

  2. I don’t accept sponsored payment in any other means then financial and companies have to live up to high standards of sustainability.

  3. I’m dyslectic so you might find a few language error.